"In spite of my great admiration for individual splendid talents I do not accept the star system. Collective creative effort is the root of our kind of art. That requires ensemble acting and whoever mars that ensemble is committing a crime not only against his comrades but also against the very art of which he is the servant." K.Stanislavski

"What does in really mean to be truthful on stage? Does it mean that you conduct yourself as you do in ordinary life? Not at all. Truthfulness in those terms would be sheer triviality. There is the the same difference between artistic and inartistic truth as exists between a painting and a photograph: the latter produces everything, the former only what is essential; to put the essential on canvas requires the talent of a painter." K.Stanislavski

“Deep deep within ourselves, within the treasure house of our soul are buried tremendous creative powers and abilities, but they remain unused as long as we do not know about them or as long as we deny them. They are so powerful, so beautiful, wonderful that we are (and this is the disease of our present age), we are ashamed of them. That’s why they remain unused and would remain forever if we would not open the doors, go fearlessly into this treasure house and search for them. The essence of our profession is to give. Constantly to give. What do we give? First of all, we give our body, our voice, our emotions, feelings, will, imagination, everything, we give to our character. Then what else? The whole and complete result of this giving, meaning rehearsal and acting when everything is ready, we give to our spectator.” Michael Chekhov